Flashing or Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570i Pop Plus

Flashing Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop S5570i Plus I have prove it right where my own Smartphone users, at that time the firmware for this Smartphone is still difficult in the search, but with a strong spirit I’ve finally found a firmware cocokCaranya is almost the same with Samsung Galaxy Mini more just that Firmware as well as other materials are different.You can prove yourself to the wall under the previous tutorial but I am not responsible for damage or loss of data on your smartphone

Here’s how to Flashing/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop S5570i Plus:

Prepare the ingredients:

1. Download the Firmware (S5570IXXLC3)

2. Pit File (Tassve_0623. pit) Download

3. Odin Multi Downloader Download 1.84

4. Samsung USB (if your computer is already detect the smartphone with no need to install it) Download

After the above materials are ready to be downloaded later follow these steps below:

1. Extract the materials that you have downloaded the above

2. turn off his mobile phone and switch it on again by pressing the Power + Home + Volume Down simultaneously

Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus3 Pop S5570i. Then comes the Downloading Mode like the picture below

Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop S5570i Plus4. Connect Samsung Galaxy Mini to your computer via the USB cable

5. open the Odin and wait until Odin detects USB cable Samsung Galaxy Mini, there are 6 columns for entering data result of extracts from his Firmware:

NB : (the above image Guide)

Press tassve_0623 plilih PIT pitTekan DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5570IXXLC3_REV03 BOOT select.. tar. md5Tekan PHONE select MODEM_S5570IXXLC3_REV03. tar. PDA md5Tekan select PDA_S5570IJPLC1_REV03. tar. CSC md5Tekan select GT-S5570I-MULTI-CSC-OJPLC1. leave it blank md5EFS tar.
6. click Start and wait for his process

7. If you Successfully will appear in blue text PASS as shown below:

8. Welcome to Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570i pop Plus you have the Flashing/upgrade
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